Retail Tracking : Measure Daily Retail Shopping Behavior

Retail measurement has been done within many methods and technology especially in recent years. Ranged from survey, mobile diaries, to RFID tech. Retail measurement is used to define retail shopping behavior trend of the market. Now it’s not only measuring items shopped and spending but also consumer movement in-store to measure the effectiveness of store layout and display.

Mobile Survey App is one effective way to measure retail shopper behavior. And why is that?

  1. Push notification will enable you to get data in real-time, tracking 200 consumer per day will took you only 1-2 hours to finish the data collection process. So let’s say you collect data at 9PM, 10PM is done.
  2. The tracking process is under consumer control and consent, since consumer is installing the app by themselves and consumer can choose to participate or not.

Starts from the month, JAKPAT is tracking retail shopper behavior through it’s mobile survey app and will publish the report periodically from daily, weekly, and monthly. Soon in July/Aug we’ll introduce our Tracking Dashboard that will display tracking data better.

What we track

  1. Retail items shopped today per product category in detail (food,drink,personal care)
  2. Shop at where
  3. Retail Shopping Spending
  4. Promotion/ Ads Awareness and Engagement during Shopping

Survey Preview

Here is the survey preview of the retail tracking¬† This survey is also available in JAKPAT’s Survey Template so you can use this template to send your own survey.

We’ve tracked day 1, and you can read the sample report here.



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