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Segmentation Survey Report: Yogurt

Consuming yogurt regularly can be good for health. Not only for the sake of health, consuming it can also be refreshing –and there are some other reasons why people would drink yogurt. In this survey we have gathered top six motivations why the respondents enjoy consuming yogurt, which include (a) yogurt is good for health, (b) yogurt is good tasting, (c) consuming yogurt is a good diet, (d) consuming yogurt has a refreshing effect, (e) yogurt is for snacking, and (f) yogurt is consumed for no specific reason but just wanting to.

Those top six motivations then were individually crossed with these following variables: age group of respondents, brands of yogurt, reasons for purchase, yogurt product packaging, frequency of yogurt consumption, yogurt flavors, number of yogurt purchased, money spent on yogurt, place to purchase yogurt, and alternatives to yogurt. Therefore there are many interesting findings in the crossed-tab data to find. You can also find crossed data between motivations of yogurt consumption and respondents gender. Other more general data that you can also find include:

  • Top brand of yogurt
  • Reasons for choosing the yogurt brand
  • Preferable yogurt product packaging
  • Top favorite flavors of yogurt
  • Top places to purchase yogurt

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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