Shower Equipment Product: Photo Observation Study

Observation has been becoming an important tool for research to empirically understand the studied object. To conduct an observation study, we use our new action question type that enable respondent conduct certain action such as taking photo. By seeing their taken photo, we can empirically see several aspects such as respondent preference, habit, profile, etc. In this survey we ask our respondent to take a photo of their shower equipment. The aim of this survey is to conduct a photo observation study, so that we can clearly see respondents’ shower product usage. The survey was conducted to 103 people in nationwide, with sex ratio as 36% female and 64%. Regarding their residential type, 72% respondents in this survey live in the house, while the other 24% live in the rent room and 4% in the dormitory. An essential highlight of this survey is subjected to the variance of shower product that is frequently used by most respondents in this survey. Among all shower products; shampoo, body soap, facial foam, toothbrush, and toothpaste become the basic shower essentials for them. You can find out more information in our full data report. Below we make a list of the highlighted information that you can access from this survey:

  • The top five shower product used by respondent.
  • Comparison between male and female respondent on using shower product.
  • Popular shower brand according to our photo observation study result in this survey.
  • Preferred shower equipment product packaging.
  • Multiple brand of shower equipment used by respondent.

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