SPA/Fast Fashion Brand Consumption – Survey Report

The term SPA or also known as fast fashion brand may not familiar for most of us. However, the brand that is categorized as SPA/fast fashion may be quite familiar. Most of us may know several brands such as ZARA, H&M, Cotton On, Uniqlo, GAP, and so on. Those brands are categorized as SPA/fast fashion. According to Korea Times, SPA is an acronym of specialty retailer of private label apparel. Belong in SPA are brands that produce their own clothing, distribute, and sell it exclusively. We conduct a survey toward our 3.301 respondents in nationwide. According to our survey, we find several highlights such as the awareness, favoritism, and experience of buying SPA brand. In general, the awareness of SPA brand among our respondents in this survey is quite high. The female respondents in general seems to be more aware than male about SPA brand. Regarding their experience of buying SPA brand, Zara and H&M become top two brands in which our respondents in this survey ever bought. Moreover, to further understand our respondents’ consumption of SPA/fast fashion, you can download our latest report below. In general, our report will provide you several data such as:

  • General awareness of SPA brand
  • Experience of buying SPA brand
  • Respondents’ consumption pattern of ZARA brand
  • Respondents’ consumption pattern of H&M brand
  • Respondents’ consumption pattern of Uniqlo brand.


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