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Sports Accessories Trends: 1 in 3 People Have a Smartwatch

The transition of the Covid-19 pandemic status to endemic has also affected the rise of sports events in 2023. People are starting to actively participate in sports activities again.

Jakpat conducted a survey to find out the behavior and habits of sports event connoisseurs, especially participants. The report, which involved 2103 respondents, focused on preparation and budgeting when participating in sporting events.

As many as 76% of respondents said they enjoyed watching sports events. Some liked to come directly to the location of the match with a percentage of 42%. Meanwhile, 22% of people claimed to have been participants in sports events.

In general, almost half of respondents participated in 2-3 sports events in the last 6 months. Four out of 10 people admitted to participating in badminton events in the last half year. Other sports that was also quite popular are futsal (36%) and football (34%). In terms of gender, 1 out of 2 women played badminton.

“Our interesting findings also suggest that hype about Gen Z’s concern for mental health is also reflected in their lifestyle choices, including exercise. Exercise is not only maintaining physical health, but also improving mental health, “said Jakpat Research Lead, Farida Hasna.

There are various kinds of preparation before participating in sports events. Mental (88%) and physical (82%) preparation were the two main focuses of respondents. Speaking of gender, women (88%) tend to be more excited about preparing what to wear than men (57%).


Sports event participation budget

As many as 41% of respondents admitted to allocating special funds to participate in sports events. The rest said that they do not allocate these costs but have a reserve fund (47%) meanwhile some had to divert funds from other needs if they want to participate in sports events (14%). As many as 38% of respondents gave a registration fee budget below IDR 250 thousand for one sports event.


Accessories for participating in sports events

A few use sports accessories that support participation in sports events. As many as 71% of respondents admitted to owning a tumbler, meaning they brought their drink. Then, 54% of sports event participants have knee pads and 47% have sports waist bags. One in 3 people own a smartwatch.

More than 85% of respondents allocated funds below IDR 350 thousand each to buy tumblers and sports caps. Meanwhile, 1 out of 3 people buy earphones for IDR 250-500 thousand to support them in sports events.

“Not only for health, but sporting events are also now a means of socializing and hanging out. Not surprisingly, consumers are now ready to spend money to improve appearance while exercising, such as buying sportswear and wearable gadgets,” said Hasna.


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