Spotify Launches in Indonesia – Survey Report

Last month, Spotify was officially launched in Indonesia. It is a commercial music streaming, podcast and video service that provides digital rights management-protected content from record labels and media companies. As of June 2015, Spotify had more than 75 million active users, including about 20 million paid users. Just before its launch in Indonesia, the amount of paid subscribers reached 30 million in March 2016. Therefore we wonder, with its worldwide popularity and all, what do Indonesians think of Spotify? Regarding to this matter, recently Jakpat has conducted a survey in order to see people’s opinion toward Spotify’s launching in Indonesia. This survey involved 1507 respondents from across Indonesia. For the further notes, Jakpat’s respondents in this survey are Indonesian smart-phone users, with a range of age from 16 to 48 year-old.

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Regarding to this survey, first of all, we found that there are only less than half of our respondents (45%) who have heard about Spotify. Moreover, there are only 33% of them who admit that they are already aware of Spotify. Apparently, they got the information about Spotify for the first time from ads (37%), their friends (30%), and the news (28%). Meanwhile, from the other 67% who aren’t aware of Spotify yet, we found that there are 65% of them who admit that they are interested to find out more about it.

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Next, when asked about what facilities Spotify offer to its users that our respondents know, there are 72% of them answered “songs playlist” and 71% of them answered “music catalogue”. Moreover, there are 38% of our respondents answered that Spotify provides the integration with social media such as Facebook and Twitter, while there are also 23% of them answered that it provides radio service. We also found 16% of our respondents who said that Spotify provides the integration with the music website Last.fm.

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Subsequently, among our respondents who are aware of Spotify, there are 47% of them who admit that they have tried to access Spotify.com. From those who have accessed the website, there are 65% who admit that they have downloaded Spotify apps. Among those who have owned the apps, 75% of them admit that they were looking for further information about Spotify before downloading the apps. Besides, we also asked those respondents who haven’t downloaded Spotify apps (35%) whether they would like to download it sometimes in the future, and apparently 85% of them said yes. Moreover, we asked those respondents who haven’t accessed Spotify.com yet (53%) whether they would like to access the web sometimes in the future, and there 80% of them who said yes.

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Focusing on our respondents who have been using Spotify, apparently they got the apps on their android smartphone (77%), personal computer or laptop (37%), iOS smartphone (19%), and tablet (16%). Furthermore, when asked about the reason why they’re using Spotify, most of our respondents (77%) answered that it’s because of the convenience in accessing music via the apps. Meanwhile, there are more than half of them (58%) who said that they’re using Spotify for the facilities offered. There are also 36% of them who admit that it’s just for fun that they’re using Spotify.

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Still focusing on our respondents who have tried using Spotify, apparently most of them (83%) admit that they tried the free service. On the other hand, there are only a few of them (5%) who have tried the premium service. Moreover, there are 11% of them who have tried using both of free and premium service. Lastly, we asked about what they think of the experience using Spotify. Most of them agree that Spotify is practical to use (93%), beneficial for them (96%), and convenient to use (95%). Based on all findings above, we conclude that apparently Spotify is well received among Indonesians, and this will increase in the future.

For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below (bahasa). JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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