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Survey Concerning BPJS – Based on Its Member and Non-Member

In order to provide security in social and economics, government of Indonesia created BPJS, an entity providing social insurance programs for workers, employers, and Indonesian society. Previously, BPJS was widely known as PT Jamsostek, but in 2011 it was changed into BPJS (Social Security Provider). Here, we were curious in knowing how Indonesian responded to BPJS. Thus we created a survey concerning BPJS and distributed the questions to JAKPAT’s respondents in East Java, DKI Jakarta, DI Yogyakarta, and Bali with total 326 respondents and from 20 to 50 years old.


1. + 50% of respondents have BPJS insurance

We selected 4 provinces of Indonesia and asked our Buy inflatable water slide Canada respondents whether they had BPJS insurance or not. It turned out that 57.36% of respondents already have BPJS insurance. Number of female respondents having BPJS insurance is higher than male respondents (58.15% vs. 56.34%). You may see the table below to see the difference between male and female respondents having BPJS insurance.


2. Work places become the main actor making them have BPJS insurance

We gave another question, concerning how they get BPJS insurance, to respondents having BPJS insurance. It showed that work places play significant role in making them to have BPJS insurance. It is supported by Law enacted in Indonesia, stated that employers must provide social insurance to their employees, thus work places provide their employees with BPJS insurance. Moreover, more male respondents have BPJS insurance than female respondents because in many companies there are more male employees than female employees.


3. Female respondents tend to have more than one insurance provider

We also wanted to know whether our respondents have other insurance or not besides BPJS. Thus we asked this question to them, and it showed that female respondents tend to have more than one social insurance compared with male respondents. Even if majority of respondents only have one social insurance, but those having more than one social insurance are mostly female respondents.


4. Prudential becomes the most social insurance held by respondents besides BPJS

From the previous table we knew that 69 respondents have other social insurance besides BPJS, thus we asked them what social insurance provider that they choose. From the data we obtained, Prudential is chosen by majority of respondents, and then followed by AXA.


5. Mostly our respondents joined BPJS in fewer than 1 year ago

We wondered how long our respondents have become members of BPJS. Therefore, we asked respondents having BPJS insurance, and we knew that mostly they just joined BPJS since several months ago (< 1 year). See the table below to see more detail information.


6. < 50% of respondents ever utilized facilities provided by BPJS

In this survey, we knew that < 50% of respondents ever utilized their member benefits. Other respondent have not ever utilized their member benefits. Moreover, female respondents tend to utilize benefits of BPJS than male respondents (48.60% vs. 32.50%).


7. Respondents tend to utilize first level health service provided by BPJS

BPJS provide several health benefits to its member: first level health service, hospitalization, and advanced health service. Here, we found that first level health service is the most utilized benefit by our respondents.


8. + 70% of respondents do not face any difficulty when claiming their insurance

We also asked our respondents concerning difficulty found in claiming their insurance. And we found that they do not face any difficulty when claiming their insurance (70.51%).


9. + 65% of respondents are dissatisfied with BPJS

On the contrary, majority of respondents are dissatisfied with BPJS. In the previous question concerning difficulty in claiming the insurance our respondents say that they do not have any difficulty, nevertheless they feel dissatisfied with BPJS. We need to investigate the reasons causing them feel dissatisfied with BPJS. Here after, we will discuss survey result for non-members of BPJS.


10. Why they do not have BPJS

We found that mostly of respondents not having BPJS insurance choose to not register themselves because they do not want to have BPJS insurance or do not think that they need it now. Some of them already have other social insurance, and the rest do not know about BPJS.


11. Prudential still become the most chosen health insurance provider

In this survey, we found several insurance providers chosen by our respondents: Prudential, Askes, and AXA. Prudential place the first insurance provider chosen by our respondents.


12. + 65% of non-member BPJS may join BPJS in the future

Last question we gave to our respondents is concerning the possibility they join BPJS in the future. And we saw that majority of respondents think they will have BPJS insurance in the future.




For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below (bahasa). JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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