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Survey for Government

Nowadays, government at all levels must become flexible and responses to citizens to faces the pressure of social, economic and political issues in the world. To achieve that, the entire of government leaders are engaging with public to assess satisfaction, make decisions and create the innovations to solve the problems.

To find out what people want and need, government should create questionnaires and will get the input and feedback they need to make investment decisions. Using the data from survey, will improve the programs which government develop, whether received positive responses from the public or not, the processes of programs and overall achievement.

How to use surveys for government:

With the development of technology, the government is not only conduct a traditional survey, but they can doing online survey by utilizing the internet. The internet is becoming a very important requirement for individuals, organizations, companies and government.

  • Public Opinion and Feedback: Design and deliver surveys to gather the opinion and feedback on any topic – including bond measures to fund infrastructure investments, traffic and housing issues, community development plans, public health, education, unemployment rate, the impact of operating companies and so on.
  • Communication and engagement: What’s the best way to reach the public with regular news and updates. By doing the online survey, government can find out which communications channels work best - whether newspaper, signage, online kiosks, email, regular mail, voicemail, SMS, social media or other.
  • Program budgeting: Design, deliver and promote surveys that inform citizens of current issues and budget status and provide them with opportunities to prioritize civic investments. If the government want to invested in one region to another, they can ask the citizens which segment is the priority? and where is the primary areas which deserve the investment.
  • Public awareness and education: Use surveys to reach the public information about any issue of relevance – including education, health, safety, policy or public perception about the performance of institutions.

Sample Surveys for Government:

Environmental Issues:

  • How concerned are you about air pollution?
  • How concerned are you about the extinction of endangered animals?
  • Is the government spending too much time trying to reduce global warming, too little time, or about the right amount of time?
  • Is reducing global warming more important than improving the economy, less important than improving the economy or about important as improving as economy?
  • How well do you think the environment can recover on its own from problems caused by humans?

Performance Perception Issues:

  • How friendliness and concern of employees in providing services?
  • How is the speed and responsiveness of employees in providing services?
  • Which level of satisfaction of the performance institutions to the decision service development?

Education Survey:

  • In your opinion, what is the best model for teacher preparation?
  • How well do you think schools of education prepare teachers to implement new methods of teaching or understand how student learn?
  • In your opinion, what are the main reasons so many teachers leave the field within five years?
  • Are you agree about this statement, “The curriculum places too much emphasis on methods and not enough on content”?


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