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What Do Indonesians Seek in Budget Hotel? – Survey Report

Traveling is rocking now! Thanks to many things: travel bloggers, free-visa policy, Tony Fernandes who makes cheap flying possible, and so on. Simply put, traveling is now: easier, cheaper, and cooler. And closely related to traveling and tourism, ‘budget hotel’ is also enjoying this phenomenon. Ask your friends who come from Bali, Jogja, or other cities that are famous for their tourism sector. How many budget hotels had been built there in recent years? Many, yes. Or even too many.

That ‘many’ is provoking a big question: if there are so many options, then how do people make a decision to stay at certain budget hotel? JakPat tried to find out the answer by involving 1006 Indonesians in a survey. And we got some insights about what they regard as important and not important, which ultimately lead into decision making for choosing a budget hotel.


Let’s have some sneak peek on our survey result. While in the next paragraphs, the result will be shown in more detail.


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