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What Indonesians Like From Es Kopi Susu? – JAKPAT Survey Report

The coffee trend in Indonesia continues to grow and has become a new lifestyle in Indonesia. The increasing demand among Indonesian people for practical products raises the concept of Grab-and-Go coffee that can satisfy the desires of consumers who do not have much free time and high mobility. In recent years, the phenomenon of Es Kopi Susu is booming in Indonesia. Previously, coffee was identical with bitter taste, Es Kopi Susugave a new flavor variant so that it could be enjoyed by more people. In major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and others, many international and local coffee shops chains sell Es Kopi Susuwith good quality coffee at an affordable price. Based on data¹, the growth of the coffee shop business until the end of 2019 is predicted to increase 15-20% compared to 2018 which only 8-10%. It shows that the interest of the Indonesian for coffee, especially Es Kopi Susu is still very high. Related to the trend, JAKPAT has conducted a survey in order to understand consumer habits and behavior towards this product, Grab and Go Es Kopi Susu.







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