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The Dream Wedding of the Young Generation: Intimate and All-Digital

Wedding trend changes as time goes by. This is influenced by various things, such as personal preferences or surrounding conditions. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of wedding guests was limited to prevent the spread of the virus. On the other hand, some people do want to celebrate their special moments with the closest people only, regardless of the current world situation.

Jakpat conducted a survey to find out how the dream wedding of today’s young generation is. The report, which involved 1,186 respondents, showed that 97% of them said they wanted to get married but most of them had not decided the time (43%) or not in the near future (30%).

This survey also looked at the responses of the younger generation regarding the series of weddings in general, namely pre wedding photos, receptions, traditional events, and honeymoons. The results showed the reception is the most wanted moment to be realized with a percentage of 70%. Followed by honeymoon, pre wedding photos, and traditional weddings. This result is in line with the view of 34% of respondents who think traditional events are moments that can be skipped. Pre wedding photos took second place with 32% and almost 30% considered these four wedding series not to be missed.

There are various reasons why the series of marriages that need to be eliminated. As many as 65% of respondents thought the decision could save costs. Meanwhile, more than 50% of respondents wanted a simpler wedding moment. Another reason is that it is not a priority and saves more time.


Young people’s dream wedding 

As many as 41% of respondents want to hold with the family of the closest people only, known as intimate weddings. Meanwhile, another 39% wanted to invite a limited number of close people (simple weddings) and the rest wanted to hold a lavish party. Then, 51% of young people wanted to hold a wedding with a semi-indoor/outdoor location and took place on weekends (62%).

Digitalization is also affecting wedding preparation. Four out of five respondents wanted to use digital invitations. While 37% did not mind receiving wedding donations in digital form. Then, accessories such as Instagram filters and e-guestbooks are also a consideration in holding weddings for the younger generation.


Young people’s comments on the viral ‘nikah di KUA’ issue

Recently, the topic of ‘marriage in KUA’ has been discussed on Twitter. Many netizens posted photos of them holding their weddings only at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA). One out of four young Jakpat respondents claimed to know about this issue. They rated this phenomenon as money-saving (78%) and simpler (72%). In fact, 36% of them claimed to be interested in trying it.

In terms of concept, respondents who know the issue of ‘nikah di KUA’ preferred the concept of modern marriage, and respondents who did not know the topic, tended to prefer traditional wedding.

On the one hand, those who find ‘nikah di KUA’ quite interesting, do not really want to just do the event. More than 80% of respondents admitted that they still want to celebrate the happy moment with those closest to them.


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Dream Wedding Among Youth Nowadays – JAKPAT Survey Report 2023

Wedding trend changes as the time goes by. It can be influenced by many things. For example, in this covid-19 pandemic, some people held their wedding as simple as they can. Even, they only held religious ceremony. Moreover, trend of getting married at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) is gone viral recently. But, still, some persons already have their own dream wedding and want to make it happen. They have thought about the number of guests, the theme, to the location on their wedding day. Also, a few series related to wedding are also a consideration for young people today. Namely prewedding photoshoot, wedding parties, and honeymoon. Thus, in this report, JAKPAT will present the survey result to 1.186 respondents nationwide related to their dream wedding and their response to the married at the KUA issue.





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