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The Power of Social Media Influencer – JAKPAT Survey Report

The rising of Youtube and Instagram popularity has been affected by the effectiveness of influencer’s existence in the marketing of the product. It has been confirmed by another previous study that stated 80% of marketers find that influencer is an effective marketing strategy.

In the first semester of 2019 research by JAKPAT, the trend of Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram has dominated the usage of social media since they positioned at the top 3 most used social media. Current news, Comedy, and film are the contents that most of the people like. Furthermore, considered by gender, female tend to choose a beauty review, while males tend to look for current news. When it comes to online behavior, people seem to be more affected by the internet nowadays. Based on that statement, the existence of influencer also becomes more effected to the awareness of the product, purchase intention, and also believability to brand.







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