The Selfie Habit – Survey Report

People selfie for many different reasons. For some people, selfie may be considered as a form of personal documentation, while for some others it becomes a way to update their current condition to their peers. Despite whatever the motivation behind why we do selfie, we find interesting habit regarding our respondents’ behavior on doing selfie. According to our survey result, our female respondent in this survey tend to do selfie in many more various condition than male respondent. Our female respondent in this survey tend to do selfie twice more often than male in some specific condition such as feeling pretty, sick, and bored. The use of hashtag on posting their selfie also become our notable highlight from this survey. Comparing the male and female respondents in this survey who share their selfie photo to social media, apparently the male respondent tend to use hashtag more often than female. Furthermore, you can access further detail about our survey finding by downloading our report below. The report will provide you several data about our respondent selfie habit such as:

  • Respondent basic experience on taking selfie photo
  • Respondent preferred location to take selfie photo
  • Preferred camera, photo editing apps, and supporting gear to take selfie photo
  • Occasion and momentum to take selfie photo
  • Social media platform for selfie photo sharing

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Tangkapan layar 2017-04-13 10.45.12

Tangkapan layar 2017-04-13 10.45.03


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