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TrendTrack JAKPAT #5 – Weekly Media Monitoring Report | W2 May 2018

The Trend-Track study is initiated to capture current trend that happens on media that is consumed by netizen on biweekly then weekly basis. We have started our first trend track survey in the second week of March 2018, and we are currently publishing our second Trend Track survey report for the SECOND WEEK OF MAY 2018. Hopefully, we can continue to feed you with media trend on more real-time and regular basis.

In this week, the act of terrorism became trending topics on social media such as multiple bombings in Surabaya and riots in Mako Brimob. 

Research Details:

  • 1,897 respondents of JAKPAT
  • Proportionalized by internet population
  • Survey is conducted in 5 hours only
  • Data collecting was done on May 13th , 2018
  • Survey distributed via JAKPAT app

Research Objectives:

  • Capturing media habits in the second week of May 2018 (May 7th – 13th, 2018)
  • Focus on 6 types of media: local/national tv shows, international tv shows, social media, Youtube, Webtoon, K-Drama.
  • Capturing the trending topics/ hot issues in each media.

The TrendTrack study tried to covered topics:

  • Media Consumption – W2 MAY 2018
  • The Top 5 of W2 MAY 2018 ( Youtube video, national tv shows, K-Drama, topics recalled on social media, international tv shows, webtoon)
  • YOUTUBE: Top video types & categories
  • NATIONAL TV SHOWS: Platform/media to watch, the most watch national tv shows of the week
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: The most accessed social media of the week, top topics recalled on social media
  • INTERNATIONAL TV SHOWS: Platform/media to watch, the most watched program of the week
  • K-DRAMA: The Source of Kdrama, the most watched K-drama of the week
  • WEBTOON: Webtoon of the week





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You can download some free parts of the report on a link below :


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