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Vlog Survey Series: Vlog Audience – Survey Report

Along with the emerging “vlogging” phenomenon, it creates a new category in the media audiences: vlog audiences, or people who frequently watch the vlog. Indeed, the vlogging phenomenon won’t be this ‘happening’ without active audiences involved in it.

The activity of vlogging is a two-way relationship between the vlogger and the audience. Hence, observing the phenomenon won’t be complete unless we see both sides of the coin. In order to do that, Jakpat recently conducted a survey regarding to people who consume video content, or in other words, who frequently watch the vlog, which in this survey we refer as “vlog audiences”.

This survey was conducted to 2444 respondents from across Indonesia who are vlog audiences, which we found from the preliminary question. Apparently, “looking for new reference/knowledge” (61,43%) is the most common purpose for watching vlog, chosen by respondents. You can find out more information in our full data report. Here is a list of the highlighted information:

  • The Platforms – the most popular platform to watch vlog.
  • The Content – the most popular theme of vlog they watch.
  • The Reason – why they watched vlog in the first place.
  • The Purpose – the goals the aim by watching vlog.
  • The Frequence – how routine they watch vlog.
  • The Vlogger – the most popular vlogger whose vlog they watch.
  • The Usage – vlog: useful or useless?


2 3 4

For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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