Voice of Customer Survey

Not a single business can survive and become an industry leader without listening to their customers.That is why it is important for everyone in the industry to know the voice of their customer.Effective voice of the customer programs allow you to connect and engage with customers at key points in the customer journey.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a market research technique that produces a detailed set of customers wants and needs, organized into a hierarchical structure, then prioritized in terms of relative importance and satisfaction with current alternatives.

There are many ways to obtain VoC; focus group, individual interviews, ethnographic techniques, etc.

The data collected from VoC survey can be used to help determine market segmentation, product evaluation, and awareness, along with the customers’ overall satisfaction. That is why it is critical that the product development team are involved in the process.

VoC surveys are usually personally addressed to the individual, asking specific questions based on customers’ recent purchase or request.

Here are 4 key areas to consider when building your VoC program:

Capture: It’s important to identify customer listening posts both internally and externally. Surveys are the easiest and most common way to establish listening posts across all customer touch-points and departments.

Analyze: After capturing key insights, you can then analyze feedback in real-time. It’s important to deliver clear and actionable insight to the right employee stakeholders.

Act: Successful VoC programs put you in the best position to act on real-time insight. Knowing where the problem areas are allows you and your team to take corrective action.

Monitor: Continuous monitoring helps you to track your results over time. Having a real-time pulse on your customers helps you uncover patterns to see where you are making improvements across the enterprise.

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