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Wedding Trend Over Years: Different or Just Stay the Same?

Trend is like a circle. What is considered as a trend in certain times, may not be trendy anymore in different time. However, there will be a point of return when things that once was trendy will be considered as trendy thing again. However, it seems like it is not absolutely reflected when it comes to the wedding event. As a sacred personal rites of passage, wedding is marking someone’s life stage from single to be married. This marking process is then contain many symbols, rites, and any cultural elements that cannot be easily eliminated by whatever trend. This argument is proven by our recent survey about wedding trend that you can access below. According to our result, most respondents over times tend to have traditional style for their wedding. However, although the wedding process it self may be dominated by strict custom, but their wedding preparations might be showing certain trends. According to our result, some stuff such as doing pre-wedding session, asking friends to be bridesmaid/best man, using digital invitation, and visiting wedding expo seems to be the trendy things over times. However, certain activities such as conducting bridal shower/bachelor party, live streaming the wedding in social media, and seeking reference from any wedding related account in social media just become the trendy things for about the last five years. We also find that respondents who have been married for more than five years seems to be more eager in changing their last name into their spouse’s, as well as changing their marriage status in their social media account. In order to gain deeper insight about this issue, please kindly download our full report below. In this report you can access several topics such as:

  • Trendy wedding related activities by respondent gender
  • Trendy wedding related activities by respondent length of marriage
  • Respondent motivation of doing any current trendy wedding related activities

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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