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What Do You Do While Stuck in Traffic Jam? – Survey Reports

If you live in big cities such as in area of JABODETABEK, finding yourself stuck in a traffic jam on your way to somewhere must be quite expectable. In this survey we managed to engage with over 1300 respondents (54% in DKI Jakarta, 28% in West Java, 18% in Banten) living and doing their activities in the area of JABODETABEK and asked them around the things they tend to do when being stuck in traffic jam. In some results we tried reading the data based on the respondents’ gender and ages. It was interesting as a result that different respondents of different ages tend to have a different habit during the moment they are stuck in traffic jam.

Highlights in the results that you can find include:

  • Reaction to being stuck in traffic jam
  • Average length of time in traffic jam
  • When and who gets stuck in traffic jam
  • Reasons for dislikeness of being stuck in traffic jam
  • Things to do when being stuck in traffic jam
  • What vehicles used on road
  • Everyday distance to travel in JABODETABEK

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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