Womanhood Today – JAKPAT Survey Report

As the world increasingly recognizes the contributions of women in life, how women and men view household economics and the division of domestic duties also shifting. More women, especially in Indonesia, have joined the workforce but their role as the central figure in the home hasn’t diminished. In this project, we would like to see from Women point of view how they plan their future; from marriage, financial plan, their role in the household, as well as how their expectation meets the reality and their take on the stereotype circulating around women.

Research Method:

  • 2.763 respondents of JAKPAT
  • Proportionalized by internet population
  • Survey is conducted in 6 hours
  • 100% female respondents
  • Consist of : 1.355 single -women, 1.326 married –women.
  • Data collecting was done on April 4th 2018
  • Survey was distributed via JAKPAT app

Research Objectives:

This survey is aimed to capture the view of women both single and married toward their role as a woman in a society. In terms of their view in marriage life and role, their view about financial responsibility and so on.

SINGLE WOMEN - contents

married women - contents

You can download our survey report on a link below :

womanhood today-premium report

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