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Financial Product Survey: Paylater as The Most Desirable

by on June 14, 2023

Each generation has different consumption behavior when it comes to finance. This is due to various factors such as exposure, usage, and attitude to available financial products. Jakpat conducted a survey to find out the perspectives of Generation X, Generation Y (Millennials), and Generation Z in Indonesia related to finance. The report, which involved 602 […]

Weight Loss and Body Slimming Trends

Weight Loss Trends in Early 2023

by on June 13, 2023

In the middle of this year, Jakpat distributed a survey to nearly 5000 respondents throughout Indonesia regarding daily healthy habits and also the desire to lose weight. The results of this survey are then summarized in a report entitled “Body Slimming and Weight Loss Trends”. This report is the first of the 2023 Beauty Trends […]

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Gen Z Property Investment: Considerations, Preparations, & Mortgage

by on June 7, 2023

Generation Z (Gen Z) is now being the target in the property sector. The majority of this generation are at the level of college students and first jobbers, with single/unmarried status. This age group tends not to have economic strength yet but wants to invest in property. However, there are also those who have already […]

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Which One is More Expensive, Taking Care of a Cat or a Dog?

by on May 19, 2023

Having pets is fun. It has many benefits, one of them is making the owner healthier, both physically and mentally. On the other hand, taking care of pets should not be underestimated, especially in terms of feeding. Jakpat conducted a survey to find out how pets are treated, especially in cats and dogs. The report, […]

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Ramadan 2023: Gen Z Choose to Save THR, for Financial Freedom?

by on May 11, 2023

It is undeniable that spending in Ramadan 2023 tends to be bigger, such as for holiday needs and religious donations. On the one hand, workers also get a Holiday Allowance (THR). Jakpat conducted a survey to find out expenses in Ramadan. The report, which involved 1255 Muslim respondents, shows the needs of Ramadan, including the […]

Ramadan Shopping

Iftar Gathering and Shopping Trends in Ramadan

by on April 17, 2023

In Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr 2023, Jakpat, published a series of survey results to see the habits and behavior of Muslim consumers during this moment. In part 3 of the report entitled “Iftar Gathering, Shopping, and Eid Fashion Style“, Jakpat presents data from 1365 Muslim respondents, both male and female, from various regions in Indonesia. […]

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Ramadan 2023: Eating & Hamper Trends Change

by on April 13, 2023

A number of changes on Ramadan 2023 occurred such as social media behavior, food consumption, and lifestyle. Preparing hampers have also been done at the beginning of this holy month. Jakpat conducted a survey to find out how media and eating habits during Ramadan, especially at suhoor and iftar. The report, which involved 1371 Muslim […]

Gen Z Ramadan

How Gen Z Plans for Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr in 2023?

by on March 15, 2023

Ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, most Generation Z (Gen Z) are planning to increase their spending budgets in 2023 compared to 2022. So one of the findings in the report released by Jakpat, entitled Welcoming 2023 Ramadan and Eid. This report presents the results of a survey to 1034 Muslim respondents throughout Indonesia, […]

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Gen Z and Millennials Views About Having Kids on Family

by on March 10, 2023

The presence of children in the family has become an exciting conversation on social media some time ago. Influencer Gita Savitri said not having children is natural anti-aging. Pros and cons regarding childfree also emerged. On the other hand, apart from the presence of children, the younger generation realizes that building a family is not […]

e-commerce trends

E-Commerce Trends in the Second Semester of 2022 in Indonesia

by on March 7, 2023

Jakpat published its regular report “Indonesia E-Commerce Trends” for the second half of 2022. This report covers survey results to nearly 3000 respondents about their shopping habits and experiences through e-commerce platforms  during the second  semester of 2022. It shows how users experience shopping on  major marketplace platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Lazada, and others. […]