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Artificial Intelligence: Today and For The Future – Survey Report

The existence of artificial intelligence has created great changes in the technology world. How people are nowadays looking for some information easily and quickly has changed the way the information itself is shared. Many companies now use the advantage of artificial intelligence in their service to the customers or users. The technology has made what used to be a burden or something that might take a longer time to find into quite the opposite. Hypothetically, that is when a fearful assumption appears: human workers will no longer be needed and will be replaced by computerized machines. In this survey, we will prove whether or not that hypothesis reflects the reality.

You can find these following data in the complete results:

  • Common perceived forms of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Usage of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Interest in using voice-enabled assistant on smartphone for the year ahead
  • Things that AI can do
  • Is there fear of the presence of AI in the society?
  • Future prospects of AI

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