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Indonesia Mobile Habit Report Q1 2017

JAKPAT collaborating with independent researcher, Christine Siagian has prepared a new report to feed the beginning of 2017 (Q1). Our first Q1 report that compiles insights on Indonesia Social Media Habit. Data collection method in this survey is primarily taken from survey that is done toward 3500+ JAKPAT Mobile Panel in January 2017. The data collected then cleaned, coded and analyzed by JAKPAT Data Analyst and researcher partner.

Here are the list of insights presented in the full report :

  1. Life’s essentials
  2. The mobile device landscape in Indonesia : Where to from here?
  3. Data plans
  4. Where we buy : Consumers explore their options
  5. The biggest mobile enthusiasts? Gen Z
  6. Mobile devices : They are in on the action
  7. Mobile Transaction : Slow but Sure
  8. Mobile application :The ubiquity in today’s life

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