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Segmentation Survey Report: Ice Cream Consumer

As a popular dessert around the globe, it is almost impossible to find people who do not like to consume ice cream. Ice cream has been a popular dessert for most people around the world. From the modern globally distributed ice cream brand to the traditional or local ice cream vendor tend to grab the biggest pie of this industry. As the number of ice cream players are increasing both in national and local market, we would like to map our ice cream consumer respondents consumption behaviour. We use their motivation as the determinant variable in this survey. According to our result, we find that most respondents in this survey tend to consume ice cream because of two reasons; they like the taste, and they consider ice cream as a perfect dish in hot weather. In general, although respondent seem to have different motivation, but their consumption pattern is not very much different. Their difference includes their preferred flavor, ice cream packages to be consumed, and brand. To completely understand how our ice cream consumer respondents motivation affect their consumption behaviour, please kindly download our free report below. This report contains several information such as:

  • Respondents motivation on consuming ice cream
  • Respondents motivation and their preferred ice cream flavor
  • Respondents motivation and their preferred purchased package
  • Location, occasion, and time to consume ice cream
  • Respondent most frequently consumed ice cream brand
  • Respondents preferred beverage to replace ice cream

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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