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Staying Fit and Fresh During Ramadhan – JAKPAT Survey Report

This article is about how people who fast during the month of Ramadhan keep their fitness and stay fresh. The survey was conducted for the muslims who fast during Ramadhan. In total there were 3762 respondents consisting of 59.84% of male respondents and 40.16% of female respondents. Some of the highlights that you can find in this survey result include a fact that banana earned the most consumed fruit at Sahur, while dates earned the spot at Breakfasting, a fact that consumption of vegetable increases during Ramadhan, and a fact that majority of respondents have fewer hours of sleep as opposed to other months outside Ramadhan.

The topics that you can find include:

  1. How to keep the body fit during fasting
  2. Workout time during Ramadhan
  3. Type of workout/exercise commonly done during Ramadhan
  4. Effects of exercising while fasting
  5. Duration of exercise
  6. How to stay fit and fresh during Ramadhan beside exercising
  7. Consumption of supplement/multivitamin during Ramadhan
  8. Consumption of fruit and vegetable during Ramadhan
  9. Consumption of fruit at Sahur and Breakfasting
  10. Consumption of water at Sahur, Breakfasting, and in the evening
  11. Sleeping pattern at night during Ramadhan
  12. How to keep breath fresh during fasting

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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