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Traveling Abroad Series: Destination – Survey Report

Traveling has become a lifestyle nowadays. When people travel, they visit some new places as well as discover and experience some new things in the place they visit. Therefore, destination is an important matter when it comes to traveling, moreover when the destination is abroad.Regarding to that matter, recently JAKPAT has conducted series of survey in order to see how Indonesian’s habit and preference toward traveling abroad, particularly referring to the most recent time they traveled abroad. In this part of the survey series, we focus on the destination and every aspect of it. This survey was conducted to 1077 respondents of JAKPAT, who admit that they traveled abroad recently or during last a year. Apparently, we found the top three mostly visited tourist destinations are “natural sights”, “city landmark”, and “historical sites”. You can find out more information in our full data reports. Here is a list of the highlighted information:

  • Traveling Abroad Destination: General Findings
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Source of Information
  • Activity and Arrangement

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