Comparing Mobile and Web Survey Result

Mobile survey as recent breakthrough in the market research industry is still doubted by many surveyors. It is unsurprising since many questions about mobile survey are still left unanswered. One of them is how reliable the result of mobile survey compared to other data capture method?

To answer that question, we will compare mobile survey with web survey, simply because they both are online surveys. Moreover the period of when the survey became popular is not too far apart; web survey became popular in the mid 1990 while mobile survey became popular in the late 2000 with the rise of smartphone users.

There are some remark points:

1. Mobile Survey Gains More Viewers
Although it is not directly linked to the result, the number of people who views the survey will affected the number of respondents. Mobile survey uses push notification in people’s smartphone to alert when they are invited to a survey while web survey use email invitation or pop-up in the website. This resulting in mobile survey can gain twice the number of people that views the survey in half the time that web survey needs.

2. Web Survey Has Higher Completion Rate
According to many studies, the completion rate (the number of survey completed per number of survey viewed) in web survey are higher than in mobile survey. There is no exact number to state the difference, but in the end the number of respondents you get from mobile survey is still higher.

3. Mobile Survey is Suitable for Younger Target Respondents
The demographic of mobile survey respondents are typically younger than web survey. It is to be expected from mobile survey as youngsters are more exposed to mobile phone.

4. No Significant Difference in the Result
Whether it is attitudinal or behavioral measures, mobile and web surveys present the indifferent result. There might be slight difference but it is not significant. Mobile and web survey are perceived to be more personal which makes respondents can express their thought freely without having to portray positive attitude as they do on face-to-face or phone survey.

Now we know that mobile survey and web survey are not different in terms of the result. Yet mobile survey promising faster and bigger data capture with younger respondents. In the end, it all depends on the survey itself. Questions like what is the demography of the respondents, how many respondents do you need and how much time do you have, will help you decide which data capture method suits you best.


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