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Go-Pay Balance Usage – Survey Report

Since it is firstly introduced, Go-Pay has been warmly welcomed by most Go-Jek customer. This digital wallet is considered as very useful to support customer on using Go-Jek services. Moreover, Go-Jek also boost its digital environment with several features such as Go-Points, cheaper tarif, cash withdrawal, and number of supportive features for their customer who use Go-Pay. Thus, it could be said that Go-Jek digital wallet may become a best practice on how digital money works well in digital environment. We conduct a survey toward 1.632 respondents in nationwide to understand how they use their Go-Pay balance. According to our survey result, most of them are using their balance to afford Go-Pay services. Simplicity of using Go-Pay becomes the most prominent reason of why our respondents are willing to use this digital money feature. At last, our respondents in this survey generally consider Go-Jek are doing very well in overall their Go-Pay feature.

In order to better understand the usage of Go-Pay balance among our respondents, please kindly download our free report below. This report contains several data such as:

  • Motivation on using Go-Pay
  • Usage of Go-Pay balance
  • Go-Pay reloading habit
  • Satisfaction toward Go-Pay feature

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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