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Nowadays, local fashion brand is on the rise. Now there are many Local Fashion Brands that gain popularity across age groups, and social classes. Many of the brands are selling competitively priced products which are targeted for youth, and there are also many of the local brands selling to high-end consumers. Cotton Ink, for example, is a popular women apparel brand that target mostly to youth market. While there is also ‘Tulisan’, handmade women handbag and accessories brand, recently just open their boutique in one of prestigious mall in Jakarta, that target to upper class consumers.

Nowadays, there are also many events being held to support the Local Fashion Brands. Many local brand bazaars are frequently held in famous malls in Jakarta, Bandung, and in other big cities in Indonesia. Brightspot Market, and Pop Up Market are two of many hype bazaars that are getting popular among youth (we will talk about this more in our next survey, so please stay tune). Another event that is also very popular is Jakarta Fashion Week. There are many Local Fashion Brands, from easy to wear brands to high-end designer brands, participated in the event.

To learn more about this trend, Jakpat has conducted local fashion brand survey participated by 1521 respondents. The proportion of Male and Female respondents in this survey is fairly equal. While in terms of age, 54% of the respondents is coming from 20-25 age group, but we still have sufficient number of sample to analyze the younger group (<20 years old), and the older group (26-35 years old). In general, the survey focuses to have understanding on how people behave towards local brands. From the result of this survey, Jakpat also want to help to generate strategic recommendation for the local brand players in Indonesia.


First of all, we would like to have a measure of the Local Fashion Brands popularity among our respondents. The survey reveals that people interest towards local brands is quite high. There are 59.6% respondents who claim to follow the current trends of local fashion brand in Indonesia. Similar trend is seen for both Male and Female respondents.


While if we breakdown further into age group, local fashion brand popularity is high for >16 years old respondents. However, it seems that local brands are more popular among the older respondents, especially among those who are coming from 26 – 35 years old age group.


In then next section, we will then focus to analyze the behavior of these 59.6% respondents who claim to be interested in the local fashion brand trend.


From the survey we learn that many of the respondents are using many multiple sources in looking for information related to Local Fashion Brands. Most of the respondents are searching for information online using social media, and websites. Among online source, Social Media (IG, Facebook, and others combined) is more popular compared to website or blog. While among offline source, Magazine is the most popular one.



Our survey reveals that 70.8% of the respondents confess that they buy products of Local Fashion Brands because of the stylish design. Besides, good quality (62.6%) is also an important factor that motivates our respondent to buy the products of Local Fashion Brands.


While in comparison with the global brand, Indonesia’ Local Fashion Brands are perceived to be more affordable in pricing. This is proven by our survey whereas 77.4% of our respondents agree to this statement. Therefore from these findings, we could have an indication that the Local Fashion Brands are getting popular nowadays, since they offer better value for money.



People of developing countries usually feel proud about themselves when they could afford products coming from well-known foreign brands. However our survey reveals the opposite facts. An astonishing figure of 88.8% respondent claim that they feel more proud to wear Local Fashion Brands compared to foreign brands. So besides offering better value for money, Local Fashion Brands are having another competitive advantage to the foreign brands which is their Indonesian Heritage. Learning from this fact, the Local Fashion Brands should embrace their Indonesian Heritage and utilize it in their marketing campaign.



As explained earlier, The Local Fashion Brands offers many advantages and benefits to their customers. Then the next question will be whether they are satisfied and committed to buy these products again in the future. They survey reveal that almost all respondents (98.5%) claim that they will buy the products of Local Fashion Brands in the future. This is a clear indication that people feel satisfied to wear the products of Local Fashion Brands; therefore they want to continue buying this product.


What The Local Fashion Brands could do to utilize this opportunity is to educate their customers to wear their product in different types of occasion. For instant, The Local Fashion Brands could create a campaign of #LocalMonday which give challenge for people to wear the Local Fashion Brands products every Monday. By doing this kind of campaign, people are encouraged to buy more of the Local Fashion Brands product so that they have enough clothes to win this challenge. So the principal is, if they want to buy more, then give them occasion to wear more.


In the survey, we ask one question to know whether respondents have bought products of Local Fashion Brands. We then do cross analysis between the result of this question, and the result of other questions to give some key recommendations for our fellow Local Fashion Brands.

3 words behind Local Fashion Brands success : Social Media, Social Media, and Social Media

From our cross tabulation analysis, we reveal that among respondent who have bought products of Local Fashion Brands, 82.2% of them use Social Media as their source of information for Local Fashion Brand products. Therefore, Social Media should be the first priority for doing marketing campaign. The Local Fashion Brands should also make sure that their products are easily purchased through social media. Besides, sales promotion through Social Media should also be taken into consideration because this kind of promo could attract impulsive buying of customers that otherwise just do ‘window shopping’ in their Instagram timeline.


Many Local Fashion Brands have their own website, but there are also many of others who do not have it most probably because owning a website require quite big investment. So, is website important? The survey answers that yes it is important to have a website, but it is not one of the urgent needs. From the 3rd question that has been explained above we learn that there are 56% respondents who claim to use website as their source of information, the same figure is also shown among respondents who have bought the products of local brands.


So there are quite big number of respondent that use website as their source of information, but this number is still lower compared to Social Media. So our recommendation is if there is sufficient amount of budget for Website, then The Local Fashion Brands should definitely make one. However if the budget is not yet enough, it’s better to postpone creating the website rather than creating a low quality website that will ruin the brand image. Please bear in mind that people are using multiple sources, so The Local Fashion Brands need to make sure that they apply the same marketing campaign throughout their Social Media portfolios.

2 Options for Growth : Penetrates to Non User, or Increase spending of Current User

From the very beginning of this post, we understand that there are 59.6% respondents who are following latest trend of Local Fashion Brands. This number is pretty high, but we cannot ignore the facts that there are still 40.4% of respondent that do not know about the Local Fashion Brand trend. These untapped respondents are big opportunity for penetration target of the Local Fashion Brands in Indonesia. However challenges are also attached with this big opportunity. We believe that It is always harder to attract people to buy your product in the first time, than to ask people to buy more of your product.

Another opportunity for growth is to increase the spending of current users of the Local Fashion Brand products. However in doing this, The Local Fashion Brands need to focus on a certain type of consumers who will generate more sales for them. From the survey we reveal an indication that the most profitable customer are those who have high brand awareness and brand knowledge of the Local Fashion Brands product.

We get this indication by measuring the brand awareness & knowledge of respondents who have bought products of Local Fashion Brands. To measure awareness & knowledge, we pick names of popular Local Fashion Brands / festivals / dept. stores (online & offline), and ask the respondent whether these names are familiar for them. The result shows that the percentage of respondent who have bought Local Fashion Brands is higher in groups that know more names. For instant, in groups that know more than 3 names, 71% respondents have bought Local Fashion Brands.


These groups seem to be very profitable, however we guess that it is also very challenging to attract sales from them. We believe since they know many names of Local Fashion Brands, they are exposed to many options. Therefore a Local Fashion Brand should have a strong value proposition in order to win the hearth of this type of customers.

For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below. JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gendr,age range, locationby province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

Click the icon to download XLS report

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