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Instant Food Consumption Pattern – Survey Report

There is always a period of time when we are starving, but we get too tired or too lazy to cook. At this moment, for most people instant food is considered as their savior of the day. Without putting too much effort to cook something in the kitchen, all we have to do is just grabbing the instant food and with no need to wait in a long time you can easily munch them and make your tummy happy. Despite all the controversies about the health issue on instant food, this industry is constantly growing. By asking our panel of respondents, we would like to know their instant food consumption habit. header1 - INSTANT FOOD In order to explore the instant food consumption habit, we conduct a survey toward 1.213 respondents in nationwide. The gender composition of our panel is 54% male and 46% female from various range of age segment. Most respondents live in Java, but we put a proportional sampling to other parts of the nation. 01 - INSTANT FOOD Notable highlight from our survey is especially focused on the instant noodle product. Instant noodle seems to be the most favorite instant food to be consumed by most respondents in this survey. In general, for overall instant food products, most respondents tend to consider product quality, availability, and price in order to choose particular instant food brand to be consumed. 02 - INSTANT FOOD First of all, we would like to filter our respondent by asking them to pick any kind of instant food they regularly consume. The purpose of this method is to make sure that our survey question is subjected only for the right respondent who consumes certain instant food product. Among all instant food choices, most respondents in this survey are more likely consuming instant noodle, sardines, and pasta. 03 - INSTANT FOOD Exploring the instant noodle consumption habit among our respondent, product packaging seems to have an essential role in respondents’ preference. Most respondents in this survey are more likely consuming instant noodle in plastic than cup package. Moreover, the older respondent segment in this survey tends to buy more instant noodle than the younger segment. The under 25 year old respondents tend to buy only 1-2 packs on their latest purchase, while the older than 25 year old respondents tend to buy more than 2 packs. 04 - INSTANT FOOD In general, we know two kind of instant noodles such as the fried and noodle soup. Apparently, fried noodle is more favorable for most respondents in this survey. Regarding the flavour of the instant noodle, spicy flavor is considered as the most favorite taste for most respondents. 05 - INSTANT FOOD As most respondents in this survey seem quite enthusiastic about instant noodle, their consumption frequency is quite high as 61% of them consume up to 1-4 times a week. Regarding the instant noodle brand they frequently consume, Indomie is considered as their most favorite. 06 - INSTANT FOOD Product taste becomes the most considerable reason for most respondents in choosing instant noodle brand. Regarding the place to buy the instant noodle product, most of them buy likes to buy in the nearby store and mini market. In general, most respondents in this survey buy averagely 2-3 packs on their last purchase. 07 - INSTANT FOOD Quite similar with the instant noodle, most respondents who consume instant sardines in this survey tend to choose their preferred brand because of the product taste. Regarding their preferred brand, ABC sardines become the most favorite for more than half respondents in this survey. 08 - INSTANT FOOD Similar finding with the instant noodle is found again regarding the preferred place to purchase instant sardines. For most respondents in this survey, most purchase happens in mini market and nearby store. However, most respondents in this survey averagely buy 1-2 packs of instant sardines on their last purchase. 09 - INSTANT FOOD Among 170 respondents in this survey who consume beef corned, most of them are more likely to consume beef than chicken corned. However, their consumption frequency is relatively low since most of them only consume corned in less than once a week. 10 - INSTANT FOOD Product taste becomes the most considerable factor on choosing respondents’ preferred corned brand. However, unlike the previous instant food products, most respondents are more likely buying corned in mini market and supermarket. Regarding the number of package they buy on their last purchase, most respondents in this survey only buy 1 pack of corned. 11 - INSTANT FOOD Instant porridge also be chosen by 101 respondents in this survey as an instant food they regularly consume. Regarding the instant porridge brand they usually consume, Super Bubur is considered as the favorite of 77% respondents in this survey. 12 - INSTANT FOOD The consumption frequency of instant porridge is relatively low. However, product taste and availability are considered as the most important factors on choosing particular instant porridge brand to be consumed. 13 - INSTANT FOOD Instant soup is frequently consumed by 49 respondents in this survey. Most of them buy at least two packs of instant soup on their latest purchase, and the purchase is usually happen in mini market or supermarket. Among all kind of instant soup, chicken cream soup is considered as the most favorite. 14 - INSTANT FOOD Similar to other instant food product, the product taste is considered as the most important factor in respondents’ decision on consuming instant soup. Regarding their frequently consumed instant soup brand, most respondents in this survey usually consume instant soup from Royco and MamaSuka. 15 - INSTANT FOOD Another instant food product that is frequently consumed by most respondents in this survey is instant pasta. Quite similar with instant soup, most respondents in this survey tend to buy instant pasta in the mini market or supermarket. Regarding their preferred brand, La Fonte is considered as the most frequently consumed product for more than half respondents in this survey. 16 - INSTANT FOOD For 36% respondents in this survey, their frequency of consuming instant pasta is quite high. They consume instant pasta at least once a week. Moreover, similar to any other instant food product, product taste and availability become the determinant factors that affect respondents’ decision on choosing their preferred instant pasta brand. 17 - INSTANT FOOD For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below (Bahasa Indonesia). JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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