Mudik Transportation Review: Airlines – Survey Report

During the Eid day last month most people will go back to their hometown to celebrate the holy day with their family. In Indonesia, we call this phenomenon as mudik. To support their mudik mobility, people use many transportation mode from the private to public one. Among all possible transportation mode, some of them were using airline service to support their mudik trip. We conduct a survey toward 1.541 respondents who took air plane for mudik last month to assess their mudik experience using it. In general, we ask them to review the airlines service they use and the airport service on their mudik trip. In general, we find that the airlines service during mudik trip was fair-to-good. However, respondent general assessment toward airlines service on their mudik last month was better than their regular flight and/or last year mudik trip. In other hand, the airport overall service was excellent. Most respondents score good point on the airport cleanliness, staff service, and other facilities. Furthermore, you can expand your insight regarding this matter by downloading our report below. Moreover, in this report you can find several data about:

  • Airlines review of ticket price on mudik
  • Airlines review of booking performance on mudik
  • Airlines review of flight schedule on mudik
  • Comparison of airlines service on mudik to regular flight
  • Comparison of airlines service on mudik in the last couple years
  • Airport review of cleanliness, staff service, and other facilities
  • Airport review of its performance on mudik in the last couple years

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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