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Responding Hoax Message in Social Media and Instant Messenger – Survey Report

Social media and instant messenger have been the top two most popular communication platform in our daily lives. By using these two platforms, we are connected with the world in 24/7 without any geographical, ideological, and physical boundaries. Moreover, both platforms also offer us any information that maybe true, half true, or even false. This condition then lead us into the dissemination of hoax message phenomenon. Hoax message is easily disseminated in both platforms. Maybe most of us ever receive any exposure of hoax message in one or both platforms. We conduct a survey toward 3.024 respondents in nationwide to capture their response toward hoax message. First of all, we ask our respondents about their own meaning about hoax, and most of them consider hoax as a fake information. We further ask them about their experience of receiving hoax. Regarding the hoax information format they frequently receive, most of them usually receive it in textual and visual format. Furthermore, most respondents in this survey suspect hoax information by several methods, such as the content’s perspective and the weird URL. At last, when they receive hoax message, most of them are responding by checking other news source. In order to further understand how our respondents in this survey responding hoax message, please kindly download the report below. This report contain several information about:

  • The platform and feature our respondent usually receive hoax information
  • How our respondent suspect and respond hoax message
  • Sender of the hoax message our respondent usually receive
  • How our respondent response hoax message that is shared by family, friends, and neighbour

Responding Hoax Information in Social Media and IM-page-012 Responding Hoax Information in Social Media and IM-page-005 Responding Hoax Information in Social Media and IM-page-006

For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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