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Music Streaming Apps Battle: JOOX VS SPOTIFY – Survey Report

Music streaming applications have grown a lot in Indonesia in these past three years. It serves the users with the convenience of listening music in a good quality, complete catalogue, and user-friendly device. In Indonesia, there are two famous on-demand music streaming apps in which often being compared to each other. Regarding to this matter, recently JAKPAT has conducted a survey series in order to see the head-to-head comparison between JOOX and SPOTIFY according to the music streaming apps users. This survey was conducted to 2146 respondents of JAKPAT who are the users of JOOX only, SPOTIFY only, and also the users of both JOOX and SPOTIFY. Apparently, most of JOOX and/or SPOTIFY users access the music streaming apps for about 1 to 2 hours in a day. You can find out more information in our full data reports. Here is a list of the highlighted information:

  • The Users
  • The Gadget
  • The Access Frequency
  • The Access Amount of Time
  • The Access Moment
  • The Usage Beginning
  • The Excellence
  • The Recommendation
  • Head-to-Head Review


For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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