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Seasoning Product Consumption Pattern – Survey Report

Seasoning product is an essential for our daily food processing. We need any seasoning when we cook the food as well as when we are about to serve and consume it. In this survey, we ask our respondents about their consumption pattern of seasoning product they regularly consume.


We conduct the survey by asking 1.360 respondents in nationwide and diverse range of age segment. Most respondents in this survey is millennials from 20-29 year old. Moreover, this survey is openly available for every respondent in our panel, but it turns out that most respondents who participate in this survey is female (64%) and followed by male respondent (36%).


The highlight of this survey is mostly related to respondents’ consideration regarding their decision about what seasoning brand to be purchased. In general, most respondents consider product taste as the most important factor for overall seasoning product. However, we find out that for some instant seasoning products, some other factors such as product category, product price, brand reputation, and product availability also affect respondents’ decision.


There is a lot of seasoning product available in the market, but most respondents in this survey are usually consumed ketchup and sauce as their essential seasoning at home. Besides that, some respondents in this survey also regularly consume instant seasoning, broth, and vetsin to enrich the taste of their food.


The first product we would like to explore is sauce. According to our finding, 971 respondents in this survey said that they regularly consume sauce for their daily meals. There is much kind of sauces available, but apparently most respondents in this survey are more likely purchase chili sauce.


Furthermore, we ask our respondent to mention their frequently consumed sauce brand in each category. Although ABC and Indofood seems unable to be in the first position on oyster sauce category, but both seems to dominate the market share of overall sauce product category.


Another seasoning product that will be explored is ketchup. Quite similar with sauce, ketchup product comes in several variances as well. However, most respondents in this survey seem to be more familiar and more likely to buy sweet ketchup over others.


According to our finding, there are 1.092 respondents in this survey who regularly consumed ketchup. We further ask them to mention their most frequently consumed ketchup brand. Apparently, more than half respondents in this survey mention Bango as their most frequently consumed ketchup brand over others.


In this busy world, some people may be too busy to spend long times in the kitchen to cook. In other hand, some other people may have no idea how to cook, but they want to make a delicious dish of their own. At this point, instant seasoning product seems to be a suitable option for them to overcome their problems. Among all respondents in this survey, 646 people said that they regularly consume instant seasoning.


Considerable factors that affect respondents’ decision on what instant seasoning product to be purchased are the taste and price. Moreover, Indofood, Sajiku, and Sasa become the top three most usually consumed instant seasoning brand.


Despite the controversy of vetsin consumption effect to our health, there is 508 respondents in this survey who said they regularly consume vetsin. Apparently, product taste and availability becomes two most considerable factors for respondents in deciding what vetsin brand to be consumed. According to our data; Sasa, Ajinomoto, and Masako becomes three mostly mentioned vetsin brand.


Instant broth becomes another seasoning product that available in the market. Apparently most respondents in this survey are more likely buying both chicken and beef broth. Regarding the brand they most usually consumed, Royco and Masako seems to lead the market segment.


In general, we would like to map respondents’ preferred location to buy seasoning product. Among all respondents in this survey, most of them buy seasoning product in nearby store, minimarket, and supermarket.


For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below (Bahasa Indonesia). JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gender,age range, location by province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

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