Segmentation Survey: Motivation Based Coffee Drinker – Survey Report

Researching about consumer segmentation may not only be based on the demographic aspect only. In this survey, we focus on their basic motivation regarding why they consume coffee. Among all possible motivation, most respondents in this survey consume coffee because of three reasons; they like the taste, coffee helps them to stay awake, and coffee already become a lifestyle for them. We use these three reasons as the basic aspect to make the segmentation by elaborating several aspects. In short, we cross tab respondents’ motivation and their coffee product preference. By making a cross tab between two variables, we can see the similarity and difference among our respondents coffee drinking habit. This survey is sent to our 1.247 panel in nationwide. According to our result, we can see that despite respondent different motivation of drinking coffee, at some point they show some similarity regarding to the occasion they usually drink coffee and their preferable beverage replacement when coffee is not available. Moreover, we also find that their different motivation at some point also correlate with their different place to drink coffee and their preferred coffee variant.

To further understand this topic, please download our full report below. This report consist of several data, such as:

  • Consumption motive and the preferred coffee variant
  • Consumption motive and the location to drink coffee
  • Consumption motive and daily occasion on drinking coffee
  • Consumption motive and the preferred beverage replacement
  • Most frequently consumed coffee brand by our respondents




For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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