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Survey Segmentation: Soy Sauce – Survey Report

Not everyone is born to cook, sometimes we need spices, condiment, or sauce to make our food taste good. Originated from China and made from fermented soybeans, soy sauce is one of the condiments that serve to enrich our taste of cuisine. In Indonesia itself there are many types of soy sauce used by households and each type of soy sauce has its own function. In this survey, we try to find out what motivates people to consume soy sauce and from that, we know three primary reasons our respondents consume soy sauce: to make more tasty and delicious, as a sweetener, and as flavor variations. We then use these three reasons as the basic aspect to make the segmentation regarding soy sauce consuming behavior by outlining several aspects.

This survey is sent to our 1.833 panels in nationwide. Overall, we can see that respondents with a different motive of consumption have different consumer behavior as well. We can see that their behavior like the preference of soy sauce brand, a place to buy, money spent, soy sauce type and so on differ on each motive of consumption. To get more insight, please kindly download our free report below. This report contains several informations such as:

  • Top 3 Primary Motivation for Consuming Soy Sauce
  • Most Consumed Soy Sauce Brand
  • Preferred soy sauce type and respondents motivation
  • Money spent on buying soy sauce
  • Preferred soy sauce packaging and respondents motivation
  • Preferred place to buy soy sauce and respondents motivation

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 For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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