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Rethinking Our Sweet Drinks – JAKPAT Survey Report 2022

Sweet drinks have become a part of our daily consumption. In recent years, more and more cafes and beverages outlets available, which is quite convenient for people who doesn’t have the time to make the drinks at home. This condition created a trend in F&B business with what so called as “minuman kekinian” or later in this report we call it as trendy drinks. However, recently there was an incident involving one Indonesian trendy drink brand and a customer who posted a tweet related to a particular drink sold in this outlet, regarding its ingredients especially sugar content. It made daily sugar intake and sugar content in food and beverages became a widely discussed topic in the last few weeks. In this report, JAKPAT will present the survey result to 1209 respondents nationwide related to their sweet drinks consumption and their response to this viral tweet incidents.

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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