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Watch My Ride: Self-Security in Online Ride Hailing – Survey Report

Recently, there was a case broke out in the media regarding a sexual harassment act conducted by the driver of online ride-hailing towards the customer. Of course, it was not the first time for a crime to have happened in the online ride-hailing service. Back on March 2018, released a news article that compiles five examples of criminal modus related to online ride-hailing service. On April 2018, released a news in which stated that in the range from 2016 to 2018, there were seven big cases (highlighted by the media) and several more relatively underrated cases, from extortion, molestation, until murder cases. Aside from those cases, online ride-hailing is indeed something people need in terms of the practicality for their daily transportation. It is true that the online ride-hailing company and the Government should watch over their regulation in regards to this matter too. However, as customers, shouldn’t we all are aware of our own self-security while using online ride-hailing service? Regarding this matter, Jakpat has conducted a survey in order to find out about online ride-hailing customers’ awareness of self-security and how their efforts to protect their self-security. This survey was conducted to 2760 respondents from across Indonesia who are the customers of online ride-hailing services, which we found from the preliminary question. Apparently, the top choice of how to protect the self-security while using online ride-hailing is to arrange their riding time or avoid certain hours when using online ride-hailing, for example, during the late night time (68,7%). You can find out more information in our full data report. Here is a list of the highlighted information:

  • Things to Pay Attention on When Ordering Online Ride Hailing
  • Experiencing Information in the Apps Mismatched with Actual Ride that Comes: CONTINUE or CANCEL the Order?
  • Self-Security Protection: How Do You Prevent Any Security Problems When Using Online Ride Hailing?
  • About Recent Criminal Case of Online Ride Hailing


Self-security in ride-hailing JAKPAT Free Survey Report


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