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Youtube Ads Response Survey Report : Deliver Marketing Message Effectively

Internet penetration in Indonesia is getting higher. Higher penetration will move more people’s activity from offline to online (Internet of Things). Marketing approach would need to adjust through which medium marketing message best deliver toward consumer daily life. If we observe, our marketers actually have tried several internet medias ranged from social medias to content sites such as Youtube. In this survey report we’ll talk alot about Youtube Advertisement and how JAKPAT survey might capture the respondent response toward the ads.

How Youtube Ads can engage consumer best?

JAKPAT conducted a survey of 2354 respondents. The survey was conducted for 3 hours on December 20, 2014 on the web-platform JAKPAT.


87.3% respondents stated often access the content on Youtube. From these respondents, we try to identify how they respond to certain types of ads that they encounter when they access content on Youtube.

Youtube Banner Ads vs. Consumer

Responding to appearance of Youtube Banner Ads while they’re streaming, 68.18% of respondents stated immediately closed (click close) Banner Ads. While 27.49% of respondents said only shut the banner when you watch a video with a long duration. The rest did not shut Banner Ads.

Youtube Video Ads vs. Consumer

Then we also asked respondents to Youtube ads in the form of Video Ads. The survey results stated that 66.28% of users directly click the button Skip Skip video when it appears in the ad. And a large enough percentage of 29.44% of respondents stated that waiting a few seconds after the Video Ads run before determining click Skip or not. The rest do not click Skip altogether.

Last Video Ads to remembered

We asked them an Open Ended question on what is the last Video Ads they watched while streaming on Youtube. Though 16.64% stated none, but some top answers also reveal that respondents remembered some of Youtube Video Ads mostly from Berniaga, OLX, Line and Unilever, Pantene, Aqua, Dove. Below are 10 Top answers content analyzed by JAKPAT from our Open Ended Question.

# Answer Total Answer Percentage
1 tidak ada 342 16.64 %
2 Berniaga 68 3.31 %
3 64 3.11 %
4 Olx 61 2.97 %
5 Lupa 59 2.87 %
6 Line 34 1.65 %
7 unilever 32 1.56 %


8 Pantene 31 1.51 %
9 Aqua 21 1.02 %
10 Dove 17 0.83 %

Then we also asked what factors make the users to watch video ads til the end. 38.3% because of there is a funny story in the video, 20.44% due ads are derived from products needed both now and later, 15.23% because the story is touching

Importance of First 1-5 Seconds
From the survey we can know that either in the form of banner ads and Video Ads first seconds when consumers accessing the content is the most important moments. With media Banner Ads you only have 1-2 seconds to send a visual message to the consumer. Compared to Banner Ads, respondents shows more positive response to the Video Ads as for Ads resistance (click close or skip) tends to be lower.

However, the key remains how we can make a WOW impression in the eyes of consumers in the first 1-5 seconds.

Awareness, Engagement or Action?

How marketers can take advantage of both the media? First, marketers must identify the purpose of the ad campaign that will be carried out. Whether the campaign was made to bring brand awareness and brand association in the minds of consumers so that when consumers need the products consumers will search for the brand (brand recall). Or Is the end goal isdirect sales / Sales. And then marketers also must identify whether the brand brought in the campaign is a well-known brand or a new one.

For Banner Ads marketers have time shorter and narrower visual space than video Ads. Text message with visual contrasts strongly recommended when using Banner Ads. Banner Ads is more suitable for use by well-known brand that is to the point want to stimulate action to consumers.

For Video Ads, from the results of the survey , if we can get consumer a special impression toward the content of our Video Ads ( feeling funny our touching ) or and we can get the fit between our Video Ads and needs of consumer that targeted within the ads we can make them watch our Video Ads longer and deliver more marketing message. Make sure the message is conveyed in the first 4-5 seconds. Importance of popular person or handsome or pretty person resulted only 12.00% compare to 38% of Funny or 15%+ Touching content. And from the Open Ended survey result we might see also that Berniaga and OLX Video Ads get top of mind of last video ads remembered by our respondents.

In which if we saw the latest Video Ads of Berniaga they make a funny appearance of Berniaga boys who helps families, moms, or even random people to replace their old stuff to the new one by selling the old ones to Berniaga.

While OLX Ads just use normal person who tells funny stories how they got mocked or sad because of their old stuff. And through this very video short they ask viewers to sell the products they need if we do have the good but unused ones.

Both Video Ads are two examples of how even if they don’t use popular or handsome or beautiful people, the ads can still be top of mind of respondents. Though we must also compare how many traffic they bought in this ads so they may dominate.

Identity Over Laugh Only

Another important thing, although 55% of respondents remembered that last video watched is about a product but only 29% are still remember which brand represented in the ads. What might happened is that respondent knows that the Ads talks about a soap, but forgot what brand of soap.

When designing the content, in addition to focusing on the funny or touching story please make sure the story shows strong brand identity. The existence of a jingle that mention the brand could be the tips to make people remember the brand what is in the Video Ads like what Berniaga boys do.

For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below. JAKPAT report consists of 3 parts which are 1) Respondent Profile, 2) Crosstabulation for each question and 3) Raw Data. Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles ( gendr,age range, locationby province, and monthly spending). Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer.

Click the icon to download XLS 

Here is the PDF of the survey result:

If you’re interested to do survey on retail and consumer goods field toward our respondents, we have over 23,000 mobile respondents ranged from age 17-50 years old, smartphone active users, and located in all regions of Indonesia that has installed our app and readily answering your survey.

Those 23,000 respondents has been verified, profiled, and continuously tracked to make sure you get the updated profiles of them. Our respondents has been profiled based on their demographic (age,gender,location, spending level, profession,religion), lifestyle habit (smoking/non, gamers/non, wearing glasses/non, frequent flyer/non, online shopper/non), and also brand consumption level ( brand A users, brand B users in FMCG, Retail, E-commerce,etc). 

If you want to do research toward our respondent, please signup here and directly create your survey there. Or directly contact our Bizdev - Chrisprastika at +62-878-3908-9833. To non-Indonesian client, we offer free translation from foreign languages includes English, Chinese,Hindi,etc. 

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