Brand Loyalty Survey : How loyal your customers?

When you want to buy a soft drink in supermarket, and you decided to buy coke than pepsi, that is Brand Loyalty. We can describe brand loyalty when you purchased repeatedly the same characteristic of product than other suppliers. In this case, we can identified the possibilities of consumer to switch to another product, especially if the brand is found to be change either in price or another attribute.

Brand loyalty is important for several reasons. First, it reduced marketing cost because the company will retain more earnings or to invest resources elsewhere. Second, reduce the cost production because the sales volume is higher and the customer will purchase the product because of their habit. Third, attracting new costumers, with the growing of customers who satisfied with the brands, they will recommend the product to other people.

With the proper of management and use, brand loyalty can be a main strategic of the company or organization to win a market. But first, you might to measure your brand loyalty is appropriate or not with the demand in the market by doing the survey.

How measure brand loyalty with the surveys?

Metric 1: Customer Satisfaction

Asking about their experience after using your products will help you to understand is your products or services meet with their needs or not. If yes, you can check the frequency how often they come back in a pre-determined time period. Here is the question you might to ask

  • How convenient is our product to use?
  • Compared to our competitors, how about the quality? Is it better, worse or the same with the competitor?
  • How well do our customer service representative answer your questions about the product?
  • How likely you to recommend us to other others, so they will interesting to use our product too?

Metric 2: Trust

To ensure the loyalty from customer, company must earn and retain the trust from them. To build their trust, you have to make sure the customer expectation meet with the real product or service you serve.  For the sensitive information that your brand handled such as banks, online retailers, or healthcare providers, assess the level of your customer brand by asking the questions like:

  • Do you trust our brand?
  • How did we earn our trust?
  • How do we keep your yrust?

Metric 3: Esteem

Brand esteem is whether or not your product or service is held in high regard among the costumers. Are they well known what your products are, the functions, or how to use. Do they truly understand what your brand is all about. You can use these questions to find out the brand esteem:

  • Have you ever heard our brand before?
  • How well do you know our brand?
  • How positively do you regard our brand?
  • Do you prefer our brand over our competitor?

Metric 4 & 5: Perceived Quality & Value:

Perceived quality is the customer’s perception of a particular product’s quality or the value to their specifically. Perceived quality is the first, a perception by customers and also a judgements about what is important to customers to involved:

  • How reliable would you consider our brand?
  • How would you rate the quality of our product?

Every customer have different perception about the product from others. For example you might view Lamborghini as a brand that produces sporty, innovative, elegance and the luxurious attribute when you ride it. But the same people considers the price tag to be a bit too steep, the perceived value might be low for their specifically.

Perceived value is an intangible, overall feeling about the brand and the dimensions underlying dimensions which include characteristic of the products. Here are some brand loyalty questions to measure the perceived brand from your consuments:

  • How valuable is the brand or product to you? (performance, features, serviceability)
  • How likely would it be for you to switch brands if an alternative brand was sold in a more convenient location?
  • How likely would it be for you to switch brands if an alternative brand was cheaper?
  • Does the product look and feel like a quality product?


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