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Indonesia Mobile Habit Report Q4 2017

At the end of 2017,JAKPAT again conducted a survey of Indonesia mobile habits fourth quarter of 2017. Data collection method in this survey is primarily from the survey that is done towards 3383 respondents that proportionalized by Indonesia internet population, Here is the list of insights presented in the full report :

  • What’s important in your life?
  • When do you check your phone in the morning?
  • How long does it take for you to be able to sleep after checking the phone at night?
  • What application do you check first in the morning after you woke up?
  • Activities on smartphone (Q1 2017 VS Q4 2017)
  • Activities on smartphone by gender
  • Social media most used (Q1 2017 VS Q4 2017)
  • Average active time on smartphone
  • Mobile device ownership (Q1 2017 VS Q4 2017)
  • Monthly prepaid budget (by age)
  • Network usage
  • Mobile phones (by manufacturer)
  • Where did you buy mobile phone?
  • Interest to try new gadget
  • When do you access mobile phone? (by gender & age)
  • Mobile transaction
  • Average hour(s) used in each activities on phone
  • Activities vs mobile device used
  • Top Mobile Application (social media, instant messenger, games, music player, video / movie watching, e-commerce, travel apps, banking apps, commuting apps)

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