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Exploring the Beauty Trends of Makeup and Skincare Products in Indonesia

Makeup and Skincare Trend in Indonesia: More Minimalist

The beauty industry continues to grow with a wide variety of makeup and skincare products. Jakpat conducted a survey to find out people’s habits in using makeup and skincare products to identify which product brands are often used in 2023.

The report, which involved more than 2000 respondents, discusses makeup trends with all female respondents, as well as skincare trends with female and male respondents.

The survey results show that 86% of Gen Z consider skincare more important than makeup. This generation also thinks skincare is an investment (97%) and it’s okay to travel without makeup (83%).


Makeup Trend

In 2023, people are likely to use fewer makeup products. Gen Z female respondents are likely to use 5 makeup products in 2022 and 4 products in 2023. The five products used are BB cushion, loose powder, mascara, lip balm, and lip tint.

“Reflecting on the 2022 vs 2023 data, it can be seen that there is a tendency for consumers to reduce makeup product variants, and at the same time, the skincare product variants used remain the same. From this it can be seen that nowadays consumers, especially Gen Z, have begun to realize and know more about skincare, the aging process, and the causes of stress than previous generations,” said Head of Research Jakpat, Aska Primardi.

He assessed that this trend can be an opportunity for makeup product owners/brands to develop their products into skincare as well as makeup, as has been done by several brands in recent years. “So that later the product is not only part of decorative makeup that beautifies the appearance of every woman, but also becomes a skincare makeup product that can treat and nourish facial skin,” added Aska.


Skincare Trend

About skincare, it turns out that the products used routinely at night are more than in the morning. Morning skincare routines in Gen Z female respondents tend to involve 5 products: facial wash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, and serum. At night, they use 6 products: micellar water, facial wash, toner, serum, moisturizer, and acne spot treatment. Meanwhile, Gen Z men generally use 2 skincare products in the morning and 4 at night.

TikTok is the source of information from 85% of Gen Z regarding information on beauty products, both skincare and makeup. As many as 52% of this young generation seek information from social media influencers (social media influencers). They also seek recommendations from family or loved ones (35%).


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Indonesia Consumer Trend on Beauty Industry 2024

Beauty products are on the rise, offering a variety of makeup and skincare options. Right now, local skincare brands are becoming popular and catching the eye of skincare users.

Jakpat participated in “THE RISING 2024 INDONESIA” event by MeasureCommerce Trendier on Friday, March 8th, 2024. We exclusively presented Indonesian consumer trends in the beauty industry which are the summary of two Premium Reports: “Jakpat Beauty Trend 2022″ and “Jakpat Beauty Trend 2023″. The survey was conducted on 5-7th of November 2023 involving more than 2.000 respondents.

Read the complete content of the presentation in this report.

1 Indonesia Consumer Trend on Beauty Industry 2024

2 Indonesia Consumer Trend on Beauty Industry 2024

3 Indonesia Consumer Trend on Beauty Industry 2024

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