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Would You Rather: Hail or Drive? – Survey Report 2017

Since the past few years we have been introduced to the innovation of transportation mode that is online based. Apart from the negative responses from the society, a lot of people are enjoying the comfort from the online transportation mode. In this survey reports we will find out what people think about the innovative transportation mode and how dependent they are on it, and many more other interesting facts. We asked as many as 2914 respondents who live in selected cities in which online transportation mode exists.

Here are some highlights that you can find in the survey report:

  • The motorcycle type of online transportation mode is a favorite to most respondents.
  • Female and male respondents take an online transportation mode for a different reason.
  • Most respondents think online public transportation is helpful for everyday mobility.
  • Respondents have a prediction for the next 10-20 years about the existence of online transportation mode.

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For more detailed data, please download the PDF file down below.

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