Brand Awareness Survey Template

To figure out the value of your brand, you will need to know the 4 key elements:

Brand awareness, brand attributes & associations, perceived quality, and Brand loyalty of your consumers.

This tutorial series will bring you examples on how brand management survey is conducted and its questionnaire examples. The first part of the series will talk about Brand Awareness Survey Template.

How would your customers come if they have no idea who you are? So it is pretty important to know how familiar your consumers are with your brand and where your brand is positioned in their heart and mind compare to the other brand. Brand awareness survey is not just measuring whether consumer is aware of your brand but also to measure whether your brand comes in consumer’s top of mind when thinking about certain product category.

The advantage of having top of mind awareness can increase market share, which in turn increases sales and drives profits.

For example, you will probably admit that Mcdonald’s does not have the best food, yet how many people think of them first when they need a quick meal on the go? It is no wonder they can boast billions and billions served. Similarly, not everyone loves Starbucks coffee yet when put in a situation to meet a friend or business associate for a coffee, how many people automatically suggest meeting at a Starbucks? These are great examples of how top of mind awareness can lead to growing your business.

Source : reddit

Now here are some question examples of Brand Awareness Survey :

1. What is the first brand that comes to mind in ABC industry?
2. What brand is the most recognizable in ABC industry?
3. What characteristics of this brand makes it recognizable?
4. How often have you seen this brand in the past month?
5. What makes this brand more recognizable than competing brands?

And in our own Mobile Survey Dashboard, you can use the Brand Awareness Survey Template right away. The Brand Awareness Survey Template is previewed in this link.

The result of doing a brand awareness survey will let you see how familiar the consumers are towards your brand compared to other brands. If your brand is at the top of the list, who is your potential competitor? if it is not, which brands are your contender? With everything in hand about you and your competitor, you will be able to seek the most effective marketing strategy.

After testing brand awareness, we recommend you to continue test your brand performance/management survey by checking :

1. Brand Association

2. Perceived Quality of the Brand

3. Brand Loyalty

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