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Indonesia E-commerce Trends – 2nd Semester of 2023

During the second half of 2023, the total money spent on online shopping dropped compared to the previous year, signalling a potential downturn in consumer purchasing power. Notably, this drop in spending is most apparent among the Millennial generation and those with lower incomes.

Thus, Jakpat conducted a tracking survey related to e-commerce trends in the second semester of 2023.

Key research points:

  • Online shopping behavior
  • Perception of e-commerce and quick-commerce players in Indonesia
  • The usage of live shopping and affiliate links as marketing strategies

Here are some previews of the report:

Table of Contents E-commerce Trends - 2nd Sem 2023 [FREE] E-Commerce Trends 2nd Semester 2023-Jakpat Premium Report_241223_10

Time to Shop E-commerce Trends - 2nd Sem 2023

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