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Wearable Gadget Trends 2023: from Smartwatches to Smart Shoes

The use of wearable gadgets is increasing. Wearable gadgets can be defined as an infusion between technology and equipment or accessories that we can use, such as smart watches, smart glasses, and smart sportswear.

The ability to monitor body health, provide updated information, as well as to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace is a unique value offered by this gadget. The rhythm of life that requires people to move quickly, efficiently, and be up-to-date also encourages the high adoption of this device on a daily basis.

Jakpat conducted a survey to find out the perspective of the Indonesian people regarding this trend. The report, which involved 843 respondents, shows the most popular wearable gadgets, favorite brands, and considerations in choosing various types of wearable gadget products.

The survey results stated that 64% of respondents have wearable gadgets. Then, 58% of them plan to buy the item in the future.

“Public interest in wearable gadgets continues to increase. If a few years ago they could still move without wearable gadgets, then now the use of wearable gadgets is a must,” said Head of Research Jakpat, Aska Primardi.

“Speaking about the reason for using, their answers will vary, but there is one thing in common between them, namely the trend & hype issue against gadget devices which then grows the character of FOMO (fear of missing out) as a gadget user,” he added.

Smartwatch is the most wearable gadget owned by respondents with a percentage of 68%. The purchase rate of this product is still high in the next half year (66%). Then, 63% of respondents have true wireless stereo (TWS) or earbuds, followed by smartband and VR with percentages of 34% and 23% respectively.
Wearable gadget function

Wearable gadgets are generally used for various activities. Most respondents use it for exercise, namely smart shoes (50%), smartbands (41%), and smartwatches (26%). There are also those who wear wearable gadgets such as VR (60%), TWS/earbuds (38%), smart rings (32%), and smart glasses (22%) to relax at home.

Most smartwatch users use this device for work (31%) while smart tag users are for traveling (35%). In addition, various wearable gadgets are also used for various other activities such as hanging out, studying, playing with colleagues, and parties.
Considerations in choosing wearable gadgets

There are various factors in choosing wearable gadgets. Some of them are complete features, material quality, battery duration, affordable prices, and brands.

Finding information related to the items purchased is mandatory, as well as for wearable gadget enthusiasts. There are various sources that respondents rely on such as other YouTube accounts that discuss targeted products, which are most likely to review the product. In addition, the brand’s official channel is also a reference in buying a gadget wearable product, such as websites, YouTube accounts, and social media (Instagram, Twitter / X, and TikTok).


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Wearable Gadget Trends 2023

The trend of wearable gadgets is rising. These devices can be defined as an infusion between technology and equipment or accessories that we can use, such as smartwatches, smart glasses, and smart sportswear. Thus, Jakpat conducted a survey to discover wearable gadget trends, specifically in Indonesia.

These results are based on a survey conducted on 7-12th of July 2023.

Key research points:

  • The wearable gadgets’ brand funnel
  • Satisfaction of the wearable gadgets’ brand
  • Driving factors to buy the wearable gadget
  • Source of awareness about the wearable gadget

Here are some previews of the report:

1 Table of Contents Wearable Gadget Trends - Jakpat Premium Insight 2023

2 Most Used Wearable Gadget Trends - Jakpat Premium Insight 2023

3 Types Wearable Gadget Trends - Jakpat Premium Insight 2023

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