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78 of Gen Z and Millennials Are Interested in Implementing the Zero Waste Movement

78% of Gen Z and Millennials Are Interested in Implementing the Zero Waste Movement

According to the Director General of Waste, Garbage, and Hazardous Toxic Material Management (PSLB3), Rosa Vivien Ratnawati, the young generation has a strategic role in achieving zero waste and zero emission targets. Moreover, Indonesia currently has 70.72% of its population in the productive age range, which is expected to help Indonesia reach a golden age by 2045.

Zero waste is a concept that invites us to use single-use products more wisely to reduce the amount and negative effects of waste. Meanwhile, zero emissions or zero carbon emissions refer to a condition where the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere does not exceed the amount that can be absorbed by the Earth.

Jakpat conducted a survey involving 990 young generations to explore their perspectives on and implementation of the zero waste movement. The survey, comprising 40% Gen Z and 60% Millennials, reveals their understanding of the concept of zero waste, the reasons for applying it, the benefits they experience, and the difficulties they face in integrating it into their daily lives.

The survey results state that 78% of the young generation are interested in adopting the zero waste movement, with 16% of the respondents having already implemented it. Less than 1 year is the most common duration for those interested and already applying for it. Moreover, the duration of 3-5 years is dominated by men at 13% and women at 8%.

The Reasons Why the Young Generation is Interested in the Zero Waste Movement

Gen Z and Millennials seem to realise the importance of protecting the earth so they are interested in implementing zero waste movement. This is shown by 94% who choose the reason to help protect and preserve the earth by reducing waste, followed by the reason to save the earth and the provision of future generations by 48%.

In addition, being interested in eco-friendly products (22%), society implementation (14%), exposure to environmental news (11%), and inspiration from influencers (6%) are reasons why the younger generation is interested in implementing zero waste.

Based on the results of the survey, Head of Research Jakpat, Aska Primardi assessed that the majority of the younger generation is actually aware of the importance of this zero waste issue. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of them has implemented this activity. Learning from a group of young people who have implemented it, it can be seen that one of the popular reasons is the trend of the surrounding environment that has implemented it, and also the initiative to follow what friends do.

Therefore, this movement is actually not enough just to disseminate information about the importance of zero waste, but must also be followed by programs from related parties to facilitate their zero waste activities, or the most extreme is penalties or fines if they cannot do this,” explained Aska.

Implementation of Zero Waste Movement

Using tote bags when shopping (55%), then using tumblers (55%), and reducing plastic use (54%) are the top three as part of their zero waste implementation.

In addition, the application also includes shopping as needed only (49%), using your own place to eat when buying food (46%), to the use of eco-friendly products (15%).

When viewed in terms of Socioeconomic Status (SES), the use of eco-friendly products is most widely carried out by the upper (21%), followed by the middle (13%), and lower (10%).

The Difficulties in Implementing the Zero Waste Movement

The most challenging aspect is finding the nearest waste bank. A waste bank is a facility or program where someone can deposit recycled waste such as paper, plastic, glass, and other items in exchange for rewards.

In addition, families or environments that do not support the implementation of zero waste are the second reason perceived by the younger generation as difficult, this seems to be influenced by most of those who still live with their parents.

What are the benefits that the younger generation feels when they implement zero waste? Where do they find further information to support their implementation? What are the factors for those who are not interested in applying?

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Young Generation and Zero Waste Movement

Young Generation and Zero Waste Movement

The young generations are already familiar with the zero waste movement, and some people have already applied in their lives. In addition, adopting the zero waste movement is based on some factors. In this report, Jakpat will share insights about perspectives from Gen Z and Millennials on zero waste movement.

These results are based on a survey conducted on 16-17th of November 2023.

Key research points:

  • Reasons for interested in implementing zero waste
  • Implementations have already adopted zero waste by the young generation
  • The struggle of implementing zero waste

Here are some previews of the report:

1. Young Generation and Zero Waste Movement


Young Genereation and  Zero Waste Monvement - image 3

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