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press release - fashion trends - 2023

Fashion Trends 2023: Over 50% of Gen Z Buy Formal Wear

Fashion products are always on top of online purchases. Our report for semester 1 of 2022[1] shows that the purchase of fashion items was 33%. Despite declining in the middle of this year[2], at 26%, purchases of fashion products are still number 1.

Jakpat conducted a survey to find out the behavior and habits of buyers of fashion products in Indonesia. The report, which involved 702 respondents, shows what types of clothes are purchased until mid-2023 and their satisfaction levels, as well as considerations in buying clothes.

The report is divided into five categories, namely casual wear, sportswear, formal wear, sportswear, and fashion accessories. The respondents also consisted of four personas, namely efficient, up to date, be myself, and outstanding.

The survey results stated that 88% of respondents consisting of Gen Y (Millennials) and Gen Z have bought fashion products and 79% intend to buy them this year. Nine out of 10 shoppers of this fashion item admit to having casual clothing (such as t-shirts, shirts, skirts, and pants) as their new item. Other products that have been purchased are footwear and fashion accessories with percentages of 75% and 57% respectively.

“Talking about the plan to buy fashion products, it can be seen that more Gen Z are interested in retro/vintage/preloved goods fashion products than Gen Y. This is in line with the high awareness of environmental issues in Gen Z, so they are starting to consider slow fashion culture in the hope of reducing fashion industry waste,” said Head of Research Jakpat, Aska Primardi.


Fashion trends in Indonesia

Of those who have bought fashion products, men tended to buy formal wear with a percentage of 59%. Meanwhile, more women bought luggage such as bags or suitcases (46%) than formal clothes (33%).

In terms of generation, more Millennials bought sportswear than Gen Z at 43% and 36% respectively. On the other hand, formalwear appealed more to Gen Z (55%) than Millennials (49%).

“The majority of Gen Z buy fashion products with the consideration that their appearance is always updated with the latest trends. On the other hand, the majority of Gen Y buy clothes with the aim of meeting clothing needs for themselves and their families, one of which is the need to exercise, so here the influence of trends is not too big,” said Aska.


Find information about fashion

Social media is the main source of information for finding out fashion products before buying them. Half of casual clothing shoppers rely on a brand’s official Instagram account to find out about what to buy. They also consider recommendations from friends.

Then, sportswear buyers search for information through the brand’s official social media, such as Instagram (48%) and YouTube (46%). Also, the brand’s official Instagram account and recommendations from friends are two sources of information that almost half of formal wear buyers rely on.

More than 40% of footwear buyers get information related to this one fashion product from Instagram, both the brand’s official account and other accounts. Meanwhile, the most source of information for fashion accessories buyers is recommendations from friends with a percentage of 42%.


Get the details on our report here.


[1] https://blog.jakpat.net/indonesia-ecommerce-trends-of-1st-half-2022-jakpat-survey-report/

[2] https://blog.jakpat.net/indonesia-e-commerce-trends-1st-semester-of-2023/

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Fashion Trends 2023

Fashion stuff is always at the top of online purchases. Our e-commerce report for semester 1 of 2022 shows that it was 33% and even though it fell in the first half of this year, namely to 26%, it is still number one. Thus, Jakpat conducted a survey to discover fashion trends, specifically in Indonesia.

These results are based on a survey conducted on 1-6th of July 2023.

Key research points:

  • Fashion products bought in the first half of 2023
  • Types of fashion persona
  • Satisfaction level of fashion products
  • Source of awareness about fashion products

Here are some previews of the report:

1 Table of Contents Fashion Trends 2023

2 Persona Fashion Trends 2023

3 Products Fashion Trends 2023

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