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Jakpat TVC Review (1)

JAKPAT TVC Review Ramadan 2020 Edition

Ramadan is a meaningful month for all Muslims in the world including in Indonesia where the majority of the population is Muslim. However, this time Ramadan feels very different from previous years with the existence of the Covid-19 pandemic which requires people to stay at home and cannot be free to keep in touch with others the way Ramadan should be. Adverts that are usually shown during Ramadan must also adjust to the current situation by adding messages related to COVID-19. Hence, JAKPAT conducted research on respondents’ assessment of TVC from several products that have special TVC made for Ramadan edition.

The assessed aspects include Ad awareness, Purchase Intention, Overall Liking, Uniqueness, Believability, Relevancy.

There are a total of 33 advertisements involved in this survey. Ranging from food/beverage product category to the e-commerce category.






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TrendTrack-7 624

JAKPAT Trend Track #7 2019 – Survey Report

The Trend-Track study by JAKPAT is initiated to capture what’s currently happening across media platforms on a biweekly basis.  In the second week of April 2019, the Indonesian elections held on April 17th, 2019 became the main topic in almost all media, both conventional media such as national TV and internet-based media, such as social media and Youtube. In addition, topics from the entertainment industry, The Avenger: End Game and Game of Thrones S8 also entered the top topic of the week

Key areas: Indonesian (national) TV programs, international TV programs (including online streaming platform such as Netflix, HooQ, iFlix, Viu, etc), Youtube, social media, and online news.

Research details:

  • 1,004 JAKPAT respondents involved
  • Data collecting was done on April 13th – 19th, 2019
  • The margin of error: Below 3%
  • Proportioned by Indonesian internet population








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